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Mobile, audio-visual order picking and storage

KlinkVOICE app, smartphone, headset and Bluetooth scanner replace voice consoles and handhelds

Software applications are revolutionizing the intralogistics market. With the KlinkVOICE app, standard smartphones with headset and scanner can be used comfortably for pick-by-voice and put-by-voice applications. Classic, costly voice consoles and handhelds are replaced. Thus, only about half of the usual investment costs are incurred and storage flexibility is increased.

In private daily life it has long been taken for granted that any type of information is accessible anytime on mobile devices. Now, logistics employees also enjoy this flexibility with additional smartphone features. With KlinkVOICE, the intralogistics specialist Klinkhammer presents a mobile application for audio-visual user guidance during order picking and storage. The mobile solution with multimedia kit comprising app, smartphone, headset and scanner offers decisive cost and flexibility advantages to the customers. Large international logistics centers as well as small specialized order picking systems can be equipped with KlinkVOICE.

Audio-visual user guidance

Besides user guidance by voice, touch and scan can be used as input assistance, all supported by a single app. Voice synthesis in the audio section enables audio output of texts, which up to now could only be displayed on screens or on paper. In addition, the smartphone offers graphic interfaces and the display of photos. Thus, KlinkVOICE closes the gap between modern digitalization and existing systems and offers new application possibilities tailored to individual customer requirements.

App connected to KlinkWARE WMS

KlinkVOICE, an app which is part of the warehouse management software KlinkWARE, can be installed on any Android smartphone. The smartphone communicates via WLAN with the server which gives instructions and receives feedback. Therefore, the phone does not require any internet connection. Headset and scanner are connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The scanner is used to scan the user authentication, the loading aids, the products and local labelling for the localization of containers or shelves. Voice messages and commands are transmitted to the worker via headset. The worker is able to give speech feedback as well. Using the app interface of the smartphone, the worker chooses his area of responsibility. There, he receives, for example, additional information, a product picture or he can enter inventory corrections.

„The digitalization by means of smartphone apps provides the customer with new options and cost advantages over the competition. Configurable solutions with open interfaces enable Klinkhammer to flexibly adapt the applications to the individual requirements of the customers“, explains Özcan Boyraz, software architect at Klinkhammer Group.

Shortened order picking times and order picking reliability

The new app technology is connected to the existing warehouse management system KlinkWARE. The voice output and the speaker-independent, multilingual voice recognition takes place via the voice dialogue system of Klinkhammer.  It ensures a professional voice dialogue. The user receives the picking instruction via computer voice and is able to confirm the removal by voice. With the scan of the storage bay bar code, the identification of the correct goods is confirmed at the place of removal. The entry of the storage bay check digit by voice is no longer necessary. This shortens the order picking time and reduces the effort for labelling the shelves. The product can be scanned instead of scanning the storage bay. This ensures order picking reliability, enables mixed storage and thus increases the storage density. The handling is facilitated by a quantity adjustment on the display. Additionally, precise reasons for adjustments can be indicated.

The digital transformation is changing markets and shifting borders between traditional industrial and consumer products. The software experts of Klinkhammer always have the objective of simplifying complex technologies and optimizing intralogistics processes by modern technology. This offers significant cost and flexibility advantages to the customers.

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