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Intralogistics in Perfection. Automatic high-bay warehouses, conveyors and picking solutions

For almost 50 years Klinkhammer has been standing for intralogistics, automatic high-bay warehouses or small-parts warehouses, shuttle technology, conveyorspicking solutions, and material handling which are optimally adapted to the flow of materials and really simplify business processes. This success is founded on the internally developed and modularly structured KlinkWARE® Warehouse Management System, the system control KlinCONTROL® and the diagnosis and visualisation tool KlinkVISION®. The spectrum ranges from optimizing warehouses (retrofit) and expanding plants to building completely new centers of distribution. By taking a holistic 360° approach, Klinkhammer offers a comprehensive range of services for the implementation of automated intralogistics concepts, from analysis and logistics planning to service 24/7.


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91. Receipt of Goods, Cross Docking & Stock Formation  
For replenishment The order picking zone of an article can be replenished right from the goods receiving area to reduce mileage and handling. Repacking process From a pallet, you can create several…  
92. Storage & Relocation  
Man-to-Goods Route optimization is possible with several trading units to be stored in combination with a retrieval operation: Employees are never empty-handed. Trays & Co. This is a sort of…  
93. Replenishment Control & Quality Assurance  
Refill waves This module complements the demand-oriented replenishment for refilling the order picking zones at regular intervals. The waves reduce ad-hoc measures. QA status change Status changes…  
94. Delivery Order Management & Order Picking  
Man-to-Goods In Man-to-Goods systems the user has a great influence. Hemay work in an order-specific manner or create batches without having great aids at his disposal. This module supports the…  
95. Value-Added Services, Consolidation & Packaging  
Simple-Service, automated An automated procedure e.g. may be labelling with an applicator or the processing at a production line. Service in the packing process Using this module, you have all…  
96. Shipping & Inventory  
Automated The automated shipping is ensured through conveyor scanners or mobile end devices without further interventions being necessary. Loading sequences were already taken into account by the…  
97. Material Flow  
Automated storage/retrieval crane Automated storage / retrieval cranes are highly-performing devices. Often, they can pick up several loading/storage aids simultaneously. Blockades and transport…  
98. Control Station  
Where are they lagging behind? How many packages and pallets have been packed today and which order volume is still pending? To know exactly where you stand informs and motivates your employees.…  
99. Technology  
"By-voice" procedures Basically, Voice over IP devices allow the same functions to be performed as with handheld RF-terminals. Information output to the user again is reduced. These…  
100. Klinkhammer Logistics Planning is Top  
Klinkhammer Logistics Planning is Top Nuremberg - In a national comparison of consultants the Klinkhammer Group has been awarded as TOP CONSULTANT. The seal identifies consultants having specialized…  
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