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Klinkhammer Group automatisiert Lager für SweetTec

Candy Factory Sweet: Automation with Klinkhammer

Nürnberg/Boizenburg (25.02.2015) - One of the most recent sweets production factories in Europe is expanded. To establish a new product line on the market, the company-owned semi-finished product warehouse is realigned. The contract for automating a further extension level has been awarded to the Klinkhammer Group headquartered in Nuremberg, one of the leading material flow and intralogistics experts in Germany.

In Boizenburg, the westernmost city of Mecklenburg, the "Candy Factory" of Sweet Tec GmbH produces around 16.5 million hard candies and chewing drops as well as suckers a day in a wide variety of flavors. Automation with Klinkhammer For a new product line the Sweet Tec GmbH expands its production facility. The Klinkhammer Group based in Nuremberg is responsible for implementing the automated system in the semi-finished product warehouse. The warehouse is equipped with an ultra-modern, oxygen-reducing fire prevention system and consists of two separate warehouse areas. Controlling the storage areas automated by Klinkhammer is ensured by the Klinkhammer warehouse management system DC21 WMS which guarantees efficient coordinated processes in an automated and very production-related environment.

Modern production

At Sweet Tec, dies-formed and molded hard candies, suckers, chewy drops and taffies are manufactured in different production lines. Thanks to the use of ultra-modern processing systems the production sites of the group are among the most modern production facilities for sweets across Europe. Creamy caramels, cough sweets or fruity chewing drops come off the production line. "We manufacture everything that tastes good" - this is the slogan of the sweets factory.

About the Klinkhammer Group

As independent intralogistics expert, the Klinkhammer Group realized solutions for all branches of industry and company sizes and has been one of the leading providers in Germany for more than 40 years. The spectrum of services ranges from optimizing warehouses and expanding plants to building completely new centers of distribution. The Klinkhammer Group sees itself as lifetime partner from analysis and planning to software development and turnkey delivery - including "All-round care" package thanks to the Service24 concept. Software solutions such as the DC21 Warehouse Management System and the ConVIS visualization program allow the Klinkhammer customers an efficient and simple way of working. With the 360° approach, the Klinkhammer Group offers its customers solutions that are customized optimally to the respective requirements - a future-proof investment.

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