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Higher Production Volumes at Shortened Production Processes

Nuremberg (19.12.2015) - The Klinkhammer Group builds for Hügli, an international Swiss food company with 1.350 employees, an automated high-bay warehouse designed as a silo with 2 pre-zones, an automatic bin storage system and a refrigerated storage at the Radolfzell site. With this project, the focus is placed on the efficient connection of the warehouses to the production via conveyors and on the integration of order picking workstations including weighing and mixing for a fast production supplies. The Hügli Nahrungsmittel GmbH invests around 30 million Euros in the expansion of the Radolfzell site in Germany.

Large-scale consumers, professional customers from restaurants, companies in the food industry and retail organizations from all over Europe rely on the competence of the Swiss Hügli Group. The spectrum of products ranges from antipasti, bouillons or veggie burgers, dressings or ready-made meals through to sports nutrition, soups or condiments. Sites in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic guarantee the necessary customer proximity. At the largest production site of the Hügli Group in Radolfzell, Germany, Hügli fabricates primarily all types of dry mix products such as soups, sauces, bouillons, flavourings, desserts and ready-made meals.

A new production is built
To further optimize the processes and to cut down delivery times a new production site is created in Radolfzell for mixing semi-finished products. The new building, where the Klinkhammer Group is in charge of implementing the intralogistics project, will comprise the production with its connected automatic high-bay warehouse featuring more than 11,000 storage locations for raw materials, packaging and finished products. Connected to the production by conveyors, the building includes also an automatic bin storage or small parts storage with 2 aisles and around 8,000 bins, a manual refrigerated storage featuring 300 pallet locations and several handling areas for picking and filling the raw materials including weighing and mixing.

"We had a clear understanding of how the logistics should work in the new center" explained Dirk Balzer, Head of Manufacturing of the Hügli Holding AG. "The intralogistics concept optimizes the material flows between all logistics areas and the connected production, from the goods receiving area to dispatch with additional buffers for expansions". This comprises the manual refrigerated storage, the automatic pallet high-bay warehouse and the automatic bin storage system as well as the connected workplaces and the production. At all times, the central focus is on a high flexibility for future working steps and possible extensions of the production.

Next to the 3-storey operational building with a surface of around 3,000 square meters, the Klinkhammer Group erects a pallet high-bay warehouse designed as silo with 3 aisles which is linked to the operational building. Thanks to the new intralogistics concept, in future the current production volume of 30,000 tons p.a. will no longer be produced in three-shift operation, but in two-shift operation.

Connection to the production by conveyors
To ensure highest supply quality and safety of the production, the pallet high-bay warehouse will be connected to the adjacent production building by a conveyor belt bridge and a pallet lift. The high-bay warehouse features one pre-zone each at both ends. This way, supply to and disposal of the production will be ensured via the high-bay warehouse on all three stores of the production building. In the production area, the pallets are repacked into totes by means of lifting devices, pouring units and scales. The automatic bin storage system being situated inside the production building is also linked to all production levels by conveyors.

Material flow computer and visualization
The material flow computer and the visualization of Klinkhammer are connected to the already existing ERP and production systems using bidirectional interfaces. The complete material flow, the automatic storage and retrieval cranes, all conveyors and workplaces are illustrated by means of the Klinkhammer visualization system.

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