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Klinkhammer realisiert Automatisierung bei Göpfert

Göpfert Trusts in Klinkhammer for Automating his Warehouse

Nuremberg / Wiesentheid (29.04.2015) - The company Göpfert Maschinen GmbH, one of the leading machine manufacturers for processing corrugated cardboard worldwide, expands its Wiesentheid site by adding warehouse and assembly facilities of 14.000m2. The contract for automating the warehouse went to the Klinkhammer Group headquartered in Nuremberg, one of the leading materials flow and intralogistics experts in Germany.

The company Göpfert Maschinen GmbH is a worldwide leading and globally acting manufacturer of machines for processing corrugated board. The company was founded in 1950. Around 330 employees are involved in the design and production of printing, slitter and scorer machines for the production of corrugated cardboard packaging. Machines made by Göpfert are used in more than 50 countries around the globe.

Increasing efficiency

The company's growth and the increased need for more space called for a change of philosophy in intralogistics for the assembly lines and the spare parts supply at Göpfert. Thus, in future, the manual processes will be replaced by an automated warehouse and paperless order picking. This will considerably increase efficiency, ensure a faster flow of materials and raise productivity of warehouse logistics. The Klinkhammer Group based in Nuremberg is in charge of implementing the automated solution. The heart of the solution is an automated tote and pallet warehouse with pre-zone and order picking work stations for ensuring a smooth and optimized flow of materials. Because of the broad range of parts with different weights and sizes, ranging from machine enclosures to screws, the warehouse management system has to map very different storage areas - from block storage and cantilever storage areas to tote- and pallet warehouses. Management and control of the storage areas is ensured by the Klinkhammer warehouse management system DC21 and guarantees efficient and coordinated workflows.

Automation by Klinkhammer

So far, goods were stored in various manual pallet and racking systems, in cantilever arm storage areas or in lift and block storage areas. Now, the different storage areas and locations are consolidated and put together in one. There, also the new goods receiving area is established with the incoming goods inspection for external manufacturers and the shipping area for spare parts and additional parts. The aim of this project consists in storing as many existing goods as possible in the automated tote and pallet warehouse as this warehouse is linked to the order picking work stations through the "Goods-To-Man" concept and thus works with maximum efficiency. At the work stations, lifting tables are planned to lower pallets in case of need and thus to ensure ergonomic access. Thanks to an intelligent materials flow concept with optimized arrangement of conveyors and allocation of the picking work stations a very compact solution is realized. The warehouse management system DC21 by Klinkhammer also manages the manual storage area according to the "Man-To-Goods" principle. Each storage location features its own barcode such that warehousing is supported by a stacker control system and handheld terminals. Future expansion possibilities have been already considered in the planning. An aisle which today houses a manual storage area can be replaced in future by an automated pallet high bay warehouse. Adjacent to the automated small parts storage there is also the possibility of installing another aisle as extension.

About the Klinkhammer Group

As independent intralogistics expert, the Klinkhammer Group realized solutions for all branches of industry and company sizes and has been one of the leading providers in Germany for more than 40 years. The spectrum of services ranges from optimizing warehouses and expanding plants to building completely new centers of distribution. The Klinkhammer Group sees itself as lifetime partner from analysis and planning to software development and turnkey delivery - including "All-round care" package thanks to the Service24 concept. Software solutions such as the DC21 Warehouse Management System and the ConVIS visualization program allow the Klinkhammer customers an efficient and simple way of working. With the 360° approach, the Klinkhammer Group offers its customers solutions that are customized optimally to the respective requirements - a future-proof investment.