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Feiler Chenille Weaving Plant with New Warehouse

Nürnberg/Hohenberg (10.02.2015) – To satisfy the increased demand for chenille products the management of Feiler decided to invest in the complete renewal of the existing racking system for the primary material „chenille yarns“, realizing this project together with the intralogistics experts of the Klinkhammer Group. In connection with this renewal the racking system was planned such to serve also as buffer and replenishment warehouse. The company Ernst Feiler GmbH is the worldwide leading manufacturer of color-woven chenille products and most elegant blends of terry and chenille.

Feiler Germany, situated in the Upper Franconian district of Wunsiedel, specializes in the production of the unique tissue called chenille. Using this especially woven yarn it is possible to manufacture chenille goods of which design and color effects are identical on both sides. Along with the very high quality Feiler products are in demand worldwide especially in Japan, Russia and in the CIS-countries.

More space for higher requirements

In the new warehouse, the containers are now placed on angles, the number of storage locations was increased to 1,270 and the number of storage levels to six. Each storage location is uniquely identified by scanning the barcode. This way, a unique and transparent assignment of the containers is possible ("batch purity"). In addition to that, Feiler always stores all containers featuring the same batch number next to each other in aisle direction. This makes the operating process more simple. Whereas in former times several persons were needed to manually store and pick the goods, this can be now accomplished by one staff member only who is assisted by efficient lifting equipment. Another new feature is a tablet PC with scanner being installed at each lifting equipment. These tablet PCs propose in a graphically refined way the free storage locations in the warehouse to the warehouseman and provide him with all data relevant to the process via a WLAN connection.

In use: Warehouse-Management-System DC21 by Klinkhammer

Warehouse management is ensured by the Klinkhammer Warehouse Management System DC21. DC21 is a software system especially developed for the requirements of modern warehouse management and material flow control. The new warehouse concept and the modified goods in and goods out processes further optimize the workflow in the Feiler chenille weaving plant. "The solution realized by Klinkhammer is for us another cornerstone to extend our lead not only regarding production quality, but also relating to velocity and reliability" emphasizes Dieter Schwedt, managing partner of the Ernst Feiler GmbH.

Planned: connection of production and warehouse

A further step towards automation will be the planned connection of the production area to the new warehouse by means of conveyors. In future, six replenishment and one shipping workstation(s) shall be automatically supplied with goods. This next step shall be realized before the end of this year.

About the Klinkhammer Group

As independent intralogistics expert, the Klinkhammer Group realized solutions for all branches of industry and company sizes and has been one of the leading providers in Germany for more than 40 years. The spectrum of services ranges from optimizing warehouses and expanding plants to building completely new centers of distribution. The Klinkhammer Group sees itself as lifetime partner from analysis and planning to software development and turnkey delivery - including "All-round care" package thanks to the Service24 concept. Software solutions such as the DC21 Warehouse Management System and the ConVIS visualization program allow the Klinkhammer customers an efficient and simple way of working. With the 360° approach, the Klinkhammer Group offers its customers solutions that are customized optimally to the respective requirements - a future-proof investment.