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Intralogistics is the art of transporting moveable goods in a company. From raw materials, spare parts through to waste management – the intralogistics represents a complex interaction in which many participants are involved. The more precisely a company has planned its intralogistics, the more efficiently all processes take place and the more energy-saving they are. So it is a good thing to have a partner at your side who perfectly knows about intralogistics.

Klinkhammer as specialist for intralogistics

More than 40 years of experience in one of the most dynamic fields of a trading or manufacturing firm – this is what Klinkhammer offers. When looking for the right system solution we are completely independent of specific suppliers. This way, we are always able to develop optimal and absolutely customized concepts for our customers which are tailored exactly to their specific needs. We are not only specialists in planning and installing new, highly efficient intralogistics, but also understand ourselves primarily as reliable partner who offers support and consulting services to its customer on their way to expansion. Optimizing processes is our specialty. Introducing new concepts and new technologies or enhancing and adapting already existing equipment – with Klinkhammer, a modern industrial or trading company will be always up to date. By keeping our eye on the market we always focus on the latest technologies. This is why we also know when something new, innovative really represents an improvement and when a new technology still needs some years to be ready for the market. Thanks to our prudent curiosity we are able to offer our customers only those innovative technologies which are of value to them to enhance their intralogistics.

Intralogistics In-house concepts for universal use

With KlinCAT®, our portfolio of products and services also offers an in-house development which will allow many customers to achieve substantial efficiency gains in their intralogistics. A storage system for individually packaged goods with an automatic warehouse vehicle in pronounced lightweight design and with energy-efficient drive technology allows enhanced dynamics and a higher throughput. An ultra-modern, fully automated multilevel shuttle system which is able to serve up to 9 tote levels leaves nothing to be desired in intralogistics. Using highly efficient software, all goods reach their destination exactly at the time when they are needed.

More than just hardware

With KlinkWARE®, we offer an innovative software concept which combines simple operation with highly-efficient performance. Thanks to KlinkWARE®, it is possible to visualize all processes in intralogistics. This way, each employee can be trained to become a real intralogistics expert in the shortest time. Smallest and optimally used storage areas, real just-in-time management and optimized storage strategies hence are the fundamental advantages of KlinkWARE®. With KlinkWARE®, intralogistics is given an enormous efficiency boost which is reflected considerably in productivity and saving resources. An intelligent, modular concept allows KlinkWARE® to adapt with the increasing requirements of the customers. This software accompanies each expansion stage of your logistics.

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